About Me

about me  

I've always been into knives and one day I decided to try my hand at making one. Since that day I have been showing my progress within knife making on my YouTube channel "The Rivers' Experience". Something I take pride in, is creating Knives that will out last the people who own them. There is nothing like making an heirloom quality piece that can be used for generations. Other than being a knife maker I am a Husband and a Dad. My wonderful Wife pushes me to achieve my goals no matter how crazy they may seem. My three Kids, two boys and a girl, are amazingly creative and enjoy watching me create things. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to touch as many lives as I do with my YouTube channel and various other outlets. I plan to do this for a long time to come and really want to push my self to perfect my craft as much as I can while handing down my knowledge to anyone who is willing to take it in.